Three ways to engage in the #GoingLocal conversation


1. Submit a blog or news piece with your perspectives on the localization of aid. 

We are bringing together different perspectives to uncover the complexity of the localization of foreign aid. Please share a blog or news story that demonstrates how localization of aid is impacting your work on the ground.  

2. Tweet a question or share a blog or resource using #GoingLocal. 

We will be curating the conversation taking place at #GoingLocal. Please share your questions, blogs, infographics, and resources on Twitter and tag it with #GoingLocal.  

3. Watch the Launch event live on April 30th at 2:30 and share your feedback using #GoingLocal

If you are unable to attend the launch event, you can still participate in the discussion. We will be broadcasting the event live on April 30th at 2:30 and will have a live conversation taking place on Twitter. 

Engagement Kit 

We have developed a few sample tweets and share tiles that will help you initiate this conversation with your networks. 

Shareable Tiles

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Organization Handles

Global Finance Strategies@GFStrat

USAID Global Health @USAIDGH



Save the Children - @SaveTheChildren

Panelist Handles

Linn Dorin - @LDorin

Raj Kumar @Raj_Devex

Ariel Pablos-Méndez @ampablos

Carlos Carrazana @carloscarrazana


Shareable Report Cover

Suggested Tweets - WATCH LIVE

WATCH LIVE: What’s the untold story of aid localization on the ground? #GoingLocal report launch on 4/30 at 2:30ET

LIVE WEBCAST: #GoingLocal report highlights perspectives of donors & recipients on aid localization on 4/30 - 2:30ET

WATCH LIVE: Learn how local NGOs are adapting to a changing aid landscape. #GoingLocal report launch. 4/30 at 2:30ET

WATCH LIVE: How does localization impact development aid recipients? Learn more on 4/30 at 2:30ET #GoingLocal

WATCH LIVE: What are the operational realities of aid localization for NGOs? New #GoingLocal report. 4/30 at 2:30ET

WATCH LIVE: How do donors respond to challenges that direct aid is creating for local NGOs? 4/30 - 2:30ET #GoingLocal

LIVE: How can aid donors & recipients work together to address operational challenges of #GoingLocal? 4/30 at 2:30ET


How best to equip local NGOs to absorb influx of direct development aid? New report uncovers the answers. #GoingLocal

REPORT: New findings shows trend of aid going directly to developing countries. What's the impact? #GoingLocal

New report shows “localization” trend creating unforeseen operational challenges for local NGOs #GoingLocal @GFStrat

#GoingLocal: New @GFStrat report documents operational burden of growing localization of development aid

The untold story of aid localization: what's the impact on operations and management staff on the ground? @GFStrat


Localization of development aid is a significant  & growing trend. How does #GoingLocal affect you?

What are the challenges and solutions to the growing trend of aid localization?  Share your perspectives. #GoingLocal

Is the localization of aid impacting your organization? Share your perspective using #GoingLocal


Curious about aid localization? Tweet a question for the #GoingLocal experts during the live panel 4/30 at 2:30ET

We are taking questions for the #GoingLocal panelists during the live webcast on 4/30 at 2:30ET